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Yolanda Rios Wurgler | Alamo City Artists 2021

Yolanda Rios Wurgler | Alamo City Artists 2021

Continuing my #AlamoCityArtists series in collaboration with San Antonio Woman magazine for their #womenwednesdays online feature!⁠
Every other Wednesday, we will share stories and photographs of amazing female artists and professionals who are doing great things for our community.⁠
This week is the amazing Yolanda Rios Wurgler with @yolandas_studio. (IG)
Dancer, painter, and jewelry maker, Yolanda Rios Wurgler is a native San Antonian and one of our community’s longest-standing artisans. Yolanda’s artistic endeavors here in our Alamo City have been quite the adventure. From Flambeau parades to Market Square, this artist is no stranger to the vibrant and cultural pulses of the city.⁠
As a dancer, Yolanda used to perform and celebrate our beautiful Alamo City as a dancer and performer in the Fiesta Flambeau parades and would dance the night away adorned in bright costumes, jewelry, and larger than life headdresses. As a San Antonio tradition since 1948, the Fiesta Flambeau Parade is America’s largest (and best) illuminated parade designed to enhance the city’s Fiesta celebrations and help bring our community together to celebrate its rich history. ⁠
As a painter, Yolanda’s palette has a wide and eclectic reach. She draws inspiration from real-life experiences and has created hundreds of paintings which she has showcased and sold at various artisan markets around San Antonio. Yolanda’s biggest inspiration is Frida Kahlo and you will find paintings as well as jewelry with the artist’s likeness in several of Yolanda’s pieces.⁠
You can read more about Yolanda and view more photos from our shoot together at my link in my Instagram bio.⁠
Creative Team:⁠
Photography/Set design: @vignetteportraits⁠
HMUA: @sugarhippie_ of @pineapplehouse_beauty⁠
Styling: @pelos_locos_78_⁠
BTS/Assist/Scene Set up: @guruber @galacticempressmia⁠
Media: @pineapplehouse_platforms⁠