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5 Tips for a Stellar Headshot

5 Tips for a Stellar Headshot


Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, manager, or an influencer, a stellar headshot can make all the difference when driving traffic to your website or LinkedIn profile. Headshots act as visual business cards and they let your patrons and clients get to know you on a more personal level. A great headshot should tell your story and show your personality. It shows your client that you care and helps set you apart when interviewing for a job or attracting potential clients to your product or service. For these reasons, it is important to hire the right professional who is a good fit for your brand and who will collaborate with you on the look, feel, and end result of your headshot session (more on this in another post). Once you have booked your professional photographer, you will need to prepare for your session. Below are 5 tips to achieving a stellar headshot.

5 tips to achieving a stellar headshot:

  1. Make a plan-When you start planning your headshot session, it is important to know what your are shooting for and how the images will be used. Will you be using the images for your website, social media platforms, or for an audition? Do you want your headshot background to be a solid color or would an outdoor location be more appropriate for your business? Whatever your business needs may be, making a plan for your headshot session will help ensure that your images will fit your brand.
  2. Color Coordinate- The importance of color coordinating is often an overlooked detail when it comes to headshot sessions. When planning your session, think about what color concepts fit your brand or personality. Take into consideration what color combinations compliment your complexion, your personality, and your background. If your session is outside, what colors will help you stand apart from the environment? This is also equally as important for wardrobe choices. Picking colors that compliment each other or incorporating pops of color are pleasing to the viewer’s eye and will help showcase your personality. Don’t know where to start? Ask your photographer for their advice or consult with a professional stylist.
  3. Hire a hair/makeup artist-I always recommend hiring a professional hair and makeup artist to all my clients when booking a photoshoot. Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for your session will give you a polished and professional look and will help you look your best for your headshots. This is an excellent opportunity to work with artists to achieve your desired look for your session and treating yourself to a little pampering will also help relax you which helps tremendously during a photoshoot.
  4. Rest up- Try to get a good night’s rest the night before your session. When we sleep, our bodies repair and replenish while we rest. Sleeping at least 7 hours a night helps reduce puffiness, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and helps strengthen your immune system; to name a few.
  5. Hydrate- Water is an important factor in skin health and will help give your skin a natural and radiant look. Water helps flush out toxins, reduces wrinkles and puffy under eyes, acts as a natural moisturizer, and helps prevent pimples and acne. The amount of water you need to drink will depend on your body type and activity levels but drinking at least 6-8 cups of water per day will help keep you properly hydrated and keep your skin looking radiant, refreshed, and photo ready.

Headshots are a great way to enhance your online presence and connect with other professionals, clients, and future employers. They help tell your story, showcase your personality, and give you the opportunity to connect with a wider audience. Not to mention, they are fun to plan and can be a great experience with the right team. Motion Arts Media offers headshots for entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, conventions, and artists in San Antonio and central Texas. We specialize in visual storytelling and customize every shoot to fit our clients needs and desired look.

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